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“Our goal is to help your child achieve independence with the skills they need to learn and grow"

A pediatric occupational therapist addresses a child’s difficulties in his/her activities of daily living including all aspects of play, school, and home life. Developmental milestones can be reached through therapeutic play and movement guided by a professionally trained occupational therapist.

Phone Interview

 If you have concerns about your child’s development or ability to perform specific skills, I would love to have a conversation with you to see if OT may be a good option. Plan on a 10-15-minute phone conversation to discuss your concerns and your child’s history (briefly). If you decide you would like to proceed, we can schedule a time for the initial evaluation in your home or you can login on-line and book an appointment.


Our initial evaluation consists of the following components in order to obtain the most accurate and comprehensive review of your child’s development:

  • Parent interview/review of intake questionnaire/ observation of child performing various skills

  • Administration of standardized/non-standardized assessment (evaluation will look at your child’s strengths and areas of need)

  • Review of assessment and plan of care (i.e. goals and specific types of intervention)


Therapy sessions will occur in your home, school/daycare, or community (your child’s most natural environment(s)). Thus, treatment can occur during your child’s typical routines and in the environment where they are most comfortable. All treatment sessions will be individualized to your child’s specific needs and interests.

Initial OT Assessment or Consultation


  • Evaluation/Assessment

  • Report Summary

Assessment can be booked online, by email or via the phone.

  • In-depth assessment (observation, standardized and non-standardized assessments)

  • Debrief with Family

  • Summary Report

  • Total cost: $250

Individual OT Intervention Session

(an OT assessment, either completed by Little Strides, or by another certified  provider within the last 6 months is required before starting intervention sessions)


45 & 60 minute sessions

(45-50 minutes of direct treatment, 5-10 minutes review with family, 5 minutes to document)


  • Services available in home/school/daycare/community (i.e. playground, early years centre, library, grocery store, etc.)

  • Total cost $135 to $ 180 / session

OT Intervention Package


“10” - 45 to 60 minute intervention/consultation sessions to be completed over a 6-12 month period which can be completed either in: home, school, community


  • 10 hours of service

  • Package Cost $ 1350.00 to $1800.00

  • Contact to book

Additional Services
  • Preschool/school consultation site visit ($180/ hour)

  • Meetings with or on a client’s behalf ($ 180/ hour) (i.e. IEP meetings, FSP meetings, daycare/school meetings)

  • Home and community consultation (no direct therapy) services ($180/ hour)

  • OT Reports

    • Progress Report (1-2-page summary of child’s strength, progress, and areas of need/recommendation) $180 

    • Reassessment/evaluation (detailed report and standardized assessment scores and analysis) $250

  • Out-of-catchment travel fee ($50 to $100, depending on the distance)

If there is a specific service you are looking for, please do not hesitate to call (289) 204-8527 (leave a message) or email us at​

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